25 modest steps towards a learning organization 


Switch it On is a toolkit composed of 25 handy one page job-aids meant to be used in one-on-one situations, in teams, projects, or in organizational settings where different stakeholders are involved in a creative dialogue. All job-aids are designed to contribute in some way to develop a learning culture in your organization, a trigger for innovation, inclusion and shared leadership.
The job-aids aim at simple interventions, not a complete cultural overhaul, but nevertheless produce some leverage into organizational learning, constructive dialogue, innovation and change. The toolkit can be used to support all kinds of activities in your organization : teambuilding, learning networks, project meetings, etc...
The toolkit is available for individual professionals, teamleaders as well as for OD/HR directors willing to use it company wide. We offer the toolkit in three formats :

  • A Hardcopy version
  • The Online version in a PDF format for individual use only
  • Licenses allowing organizations to distribute the tools on their Intranet & internal Social Networks
    The licence can cover the organization wide distribution as well as the full customization of the toolkit with possible changes in content, integration of company tools, layout,
    corporate image, logo, languages, etc...  To help you customize the tools and toolkit, Move! offers design support and consulting services.

All the materials are available in English, Dutch and French.

So, what are we waiting for ... "SWITCH LEARNING ON"